The Battle of Waterloo Experience


The Battle of Waterloo Experience by Peter & Dan Snow. 200 Years Commemorative Edition.

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The Battle of Waterloo Experience, 200 Years the Commemorative Edition by Peter & Dan Snow. This book follows the story of Napoleon’s 100 Days Campaign, from his Elba escape to his defeat at Waterloo, and provides what no other book on the battle contains – removable facsimiles of historic archival documents. You can relive this extraordinary moment in history by holding and examining rare or previously unpublished sketch maps, letters, orders, official papers and proclamations which up until now have been filed away in the National Army Museum’s collections or in other archives and museums around Europe. Contains: 20 rare documents, 80 period paintings, etchings and illustrations, 20 colour photographs of Waterloo militaria and 6 specially commissioned full-colour battle and campaign maps. Hardback and hard cover, 60 pages