The Ghost of Major Ker


The Ghost of Major Ker by Edwina Boult.

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The Ghost of Major Ker by Edwina Boult. In the garden of a German country parsonage stands a tombstone to an officer of the Scots Grey’s who fell in 1795, during a British Army’s retreat from the Flanders Campaign of the French Revolutionary Wars – but the tombstone has no grave. For centuries the story of this soldier has survived in the land where he fell. He became a local legend and is still spoken of by name in that part of the country today. This is a tale of storms and shipwrecks, of bloodshed, curses and a ghost, which links the two countries deep in the past, and it lays to rest a mystery which has existed for over two hundred years. Paperback, 47 pages, Published by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.