The SAS Story


The SAS Story by Mike Morgan.

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The SAS Story by Mike Morgan. The Special Air Service (SAS) was formed in the North African desert in 1941, the brainchild of Colonel David Stirling. He bequeathed to the present day a simple, unshakeable fact–a small force of well-trained, well-armed, determined men operating way behind enemy lines can achieve damage and destruction totally out of proportion to its size. This concept remains as true today as it was then. A unique combat unit was created; copied but never equaled–the much feared SAS. Mike Morgan tells the story of the SAS, from its beginnings in World War II, through its involvement in the “bush wars” of the 50s and 60s, and the more secretive military operations of the Cold War era, through to the Gulf Wars of more recent years. Published in 2008 by Sutton Publishing, 110 pages, hardback.